Intelligent Sensor System

FluctuS Intelligent Sensor System


FluctuS is an Intelligent Sensor System for the creation and management of Wireless Sensor Networks .

FluctuS provides a fully engineered , open hardware and open software platform for the Internet of Things and Smart Cities applications.

FluctuS came as the result of a decade of Research and Development in Wireless technologies, carried out by Cubit (University of Pisa and Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio – Technological Park) and by the FluctuS project partners.

FluctuS is a set of hardware modules that retrieve data from a variety of sensors (i.e. Methane, CO, NOX, SOX– Air quality, Air Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Video cameras, etc) and transmit them to a dedicated Cloud Platform by means of different technologies (UMTS/ GPRS/ WiFi/ Zigbee/ Bluetooth /Ethernet).

FluctuS ensures high performance in terms of stability of radio communications and interoperability .

The Cloud is totally customizable , according to the various monitoring and remote detection needs of Smart Cities and of any other specific Internet of Things application.

FluctuS is intended as a virtual place where the stakeholders and the web community could share innovative technological assets and their FluctuS based applications: all of this, the FluctuS way , that is collaborative, open and interoperating.


Modular-Pin Engineered Certified Cloud Ready Easy Interoperable Open Source Pin-IT

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