Intelligent Sensor System

Sensor Networks

Cloud Cloud Connectivity
Interconnection of FluctuS networks with the Cloud platform.
water Smart Water
Quality control of water in the sea and rivers in order to monitor its chemical composition for suitability for fauna and drinkable use.
Monitoring of water level in rivers, dams and reservoirs.
trasp Smart Logistics
Monitoring of the quality of goods during transportation (openings, vibrations, strokes or cold chain interruption)
Tracking of goods.
agric Agriculture
Monitoring of micro-climate conditions to improve both quality and quantity of production of fruits and vegetables.
Weather station Networks to forecast weather events(rain, ice, snow, drought).
envy Smart Environment
Monitoring of environmental parameters.
solar Photovoltaic Panels
Monitoring and optimization of energy production in solar power plants.
industr Industrial Monitoring
Indoor control of air quality
Self diagnosis of machinery
Temperature monitoring of perishable products
RFID tracking of stocked goods.