Intelligent Sensor System


Titolo-Parking-Spot-Sensor Wireless system designed to monitor the free spaces in public and private parking areas, with the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of purchase, installation and maintenance available in the market.
Img1 Parking Spot Sensor is an energy saving system able to inform drivers as to the availability of parking stalls, allowing to save both time and fuel, while improving traffic flows and abating urban traffic and pollution … for smarter and greener cities!

The system is based on data collection and transmission:

Each sensor (able to determine the presence of a vehicle on the stall) is associated to FluctuS System, which transmits the collected data to the cloud.
Each control unit, collecting data from its sensors, can monitor up to 50 sensors maximum.
FluctuS system can manage more than one FluctuS Mother Board at the same time (namely, a high number of stalls).

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