Intelligent Sensor System


GLN Green Light Network consists in the development of a network of public illumination devices, based on LED technology and wireless integrated modules for network configuration, monitoring, providing multimedia and connectivity services.

Green Light Network does not require any invasive and expensive installation since only the head of the street lamp can be installed onto already existing electricity poles in urban and extra-urban areas.


  Immagine1 Thanks to embedded sensors, Greenlight Network street lamps can continuously gather environmental data (quality of the air, traffic condition, pollution, etc) and send them to the related research and analysis centers.

With no need for further installations, Greenlight Network can be used as an SOS point (e.g.: in case of car accident or other emergencies), directly contacting the main public security forces.

Each single lamp post is provided with wireless connection, enabling a nomadic type of connection to the urban internet network, (WiFi Area).