Intelligent Sensor System


FluctuS Cloud is the Cloud | SaaS platform for monitoring, managing and provisioning .

FluctuS Cloud collects information from each FluctuS module and organizes all the related activities through a programmable workflow .

FluctuS Cloud provides a remote access via web interface after authentication with username and password given at the time of purchase. Thanks to a precise differentiation of roles and to the definition of different levels of access, it allows the complete information security .

FluctuS Cloud offers maximum reliability as hosted in the cloud infrastructure owned by third parties .

FluctuS Cloud needs neither local hardware/software installation , nor specific technological know-how, with the result of speeding up, with a considerable reduction of time and costs, the start-up phase of a project .

Be free to Use follows credentials to login a demo user

Username: fluctus

Password: fluctusdemo




FluctuS Cloud Service is included for 1 year in  FluctuS Kit and FluctuS Professional Kit, and is extendible to 3 or 5 years.


• Remote control

• Geolocalization of collected information

• Real time monitoring

• Statistics

• Management of activities (programmable workflow)