Intelligent Sensor System



APA is an intelligent modular platform, patented, able to abate anthropogenic pollutants in the atmosphere, especially particulate matter, heavy metals, PAH – Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, pollen, and spores.


In order to better meet the needs of diverse industrial sectors, Is TECH is finalizing the development of an integrated two-stage process:


  • the first next stage is functional to electrolytic oxidation of light hydrocarbons, to the seizure of metals and to the dissociation of inorganic compounds, such as NOx and SOx;

  • the second next stage is functional to the chemical conversion of CO2 in the form of bicarbonate.


The operation of the multifunction platform APA is extended to all indoor and outdoor areas and, in particular, to:


  • working production and industrial sites, subject to legislative and regulatory restrictions (especially for safety and health workers), considering that companies are increasingly oriented to follow the best practices sustainability, integrated strategies for environmental protection, cost and risk savings in order to create social and economic value;

  • heavily polluted urban areas, with general benefits for the environment and the population.
At present the basic structure of the platform APA has been completed, stabilized and certified; already selected by Italy of Innovators in the 2011/12 edition, APA has received the CE mark and IMQ certification (Italian Quality Mark Institute) in July 2012. Further structures of the APA technology are undergoing stabilization and development through checks and field analysis, with extensive and ongoing test sessions in different industrial and urban areas since September 2011.


The basic structure of APA has an air flow capacity of over 2300 m3/h, a noise level of 55 dB/m and requires an installed power of 540 W; the system presents cylindrical dimension, about 120 cm in diameter and about 170 cm in height.


The structure of the platform is modular, however, separable and changeable on the three stages of which it consists; in addition, it is camouflaged in the armor and in urban (including public buildings) and industrial design solutions of which Is TECH is performing, in cooperation with some of its qualified partners, the industrial design preliminary to production activity.

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